Your Secret Weapon Against Pimples

If You Have Pimples, Head Straight to Your Kitchen

Would you love to know a secret about achieving clear skin? It’s something I discovered about a year ago, but I was pretty embarrassed about sharing. Until now, that is. Your pimples can be helped by one secret ingredient that you probably have in your kitchen this very minute.

Acne Remedies in the Kitchen?

I bet you’re wondering if I’m talking about the wrong room in your house. After all, you would expect to find all acne treatments confined to the bathroom, not the kitchen. But not with this secret remedy. So, what’s the secret acne-fighting ingredient that will help get rid of those pimples?

Far, Far Away

You’ll probably think I’ve watched too much Shrek lately (and that’s probably true with a houseful of kids), but the secret acne remedy I’m so excited about is none other than garlic. While garlic is a cooking staple, it’s also a beneficial acne-fighting ingredient. Say bye-bye to those annoying pimples with this secret weapon.

Why Does it Work?

Garlic has antibacterial properties, which make it a great spot treatment for those scattered pimples you might get on occasion. The great thing is that it is fairly inexpensive, and probably the cheapest acne treatment you’ll ever find. Simply mash a clove of garlic and dab onto your pimples. Leave on for twenty minutes, and then rinse it off.

Did You Eat Garlic Today?

For added benefit, you can also incorporate garlic into your diet. Garlic helps enhance immune function, and anything that is beneficial for your immune system will improve your skin’s appearance.

Add it to pasta sauce and soups, or anywhere you can sneak it in. While garlic is certainly not a popular food choice because of its smell, it can have a beneficial effect on the appearance of pimples, which makes it worth a try.

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