Why Doctors Aren't The "Be All and End All" Acne Solution

Sometimes It Takes Going Back to Nature To Fight Acne

It never ceases to amaze me how some people absolutely refuse to adhere to any acne advice that isn't given by a doctor. Why oh why haven't we learned? Doctors are a wonderful thing, but they are not, by any means, the be all and end all acne solution. Why? Here's some facts that might (or might not) surprise you.

It's Not Really a Conspiracy

Doctors like to prescribe drugs and pharmaceutical companies like to sell them, so it only makes sense that the drug companies and doctors work hand in hand. A doctor would much rather prescribe a drug after something is wrong than suggest an all-natural supplement or homeopathic approach before things go awry. They're not out to get you. It's just their nature.

Because of the way doctors think, it is very unusual for them to suggest all-natural acne treatments. Tell a doctor that your diet can impact your acne and chances are he or she is going to argue with you. However, those who really understand acne (and what causes it) will wholeheartedly agree that diet can play a major role in your acne condition.

Just as the causes of acne are under debate, so are the treatments.

So What's the Point?

Here's the cold-hard truth... If you're dealing with acne you're going to be coming across quite a bit of conflicting info. Doctors saying one thing, naturalists saying another and still other people saying something else. Who should you believe?

The answer is everyone and no one. No case of acne is the same. Yours might very well be an allergic reaction to something in your diet or a case of toxins in your system. In that case, pills won't help you. Only a detox and removal of the allergen will work.

On the other hand, your acne might be due to a hormonal imbalance. In this case, a prescription to help level out your hormones may do the trick. Just remember -- no one is the be all and end all acne expert. The doctors aren't always right. Don't close your mind to all-natural acne treatments just because someone with a stethoscope told you they don't work.

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