Which is Worse: Back Acne or Facial Acne?

Why Back Acne Can be More Problematic

While facial acne is a top dermatologic concern for teens and adults alike, back acne is just as feared. Back acne can be unsightly and sometimes even more severe than facial acne and to make matters worse, it’s often harder to get rid of.

What Causes Back Acne?

Back acne can be aggravated by many common activities including things as simple as sitting in a high-back chair while working eight hours a day. Typically, excess oil production is to blame for back acne, and sweating during exercise can worsen the condition even further.

Why’s It So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Back acne hard to treat topically because -- in many cases -- it is harder to reach and the skin on the back is much different than the skin on the face. The pores on the human back are larger than the face, which contributes to back acne sometimes having a different, more severe-looking appearance. Often, topical treatments that can be beneficial in treating facial acne simply do not work in treating acne on the back because the skin is much thicker than on the face.

The Good News

The good news is that back acne can easily be concealed -- far more so than facial acne. If you are female and have a wardrobe decision that involves a dress with a low back or one that comes to your neckline, the decision is obvious.


Back acne and facial acne, while both caused by excess oil production, have many differences in terms of treatment options. Over-the-counter, inexpensive treatments might help alleviate facial acne, but they usually aren’t effective enough to treat back acne. In these cases, seeking the care of a dermatologist is usually recommended.

Rarely, does an individual suffer from back acne without suffering from facial acne, although every individual with facial acne does not necessarily have back acne. While it might be tempting to use topical treatments more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendations, refrain from doing so. Overusing topical creams containing chemicals can be damaging to the skin and actually aggravate the condition further.

The best way to treat back acne is to heal the acne from the inside. One of the best resources for doing this can be found at this acne treatment website.

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