What You Need To Know About Pimple Popping Tools

Are Pimple Popping Tools Really a Good Idea?

There are tons of products on the market to help acne sufferers alleviate their symptoms, but did you know that you could actually buy pimple popping tools? It sounds counter-intuitive doesn't it? After all, everyone's always telling you it's a really bad idea to pop your pimples, so why bother making a tool for that exact purpose? The facts may surprise you.

First Things First

When it comes to popping pimples the first thing you have to understand is that not all blemishes are created equal. A small surface blemish probably won't cause scarring when popped, but a deep cystic acne pimple can't really be popped without some risks. Needless to say, the pimple popping tools on the market are not intended to remove deep cystic acne pimples.

Surface Blemishes

So is it okay to pop surface blemishes? Not with your fingers it's not. If you had any idea how much bacteria your fingers (and fingernails) could harbor, you wouldn't even thing about using them to pop a zit. That's where these cute little stainless steel pimple popping tools come into play.

Rather than squeezing the heck out of your delicate skin with your two fingers, pimple popping tools allow you to apply acceptable pressure with a somewhat sterile instrument. This not only minimizes the risk of infection, it also minimizes the risk of scarring.

The Cost

Now, pimple popping tools aren't exactly cheap. For a good one you're going to spend at least $20. Also make sure you keep rubbing alcohol on hand so you can cleanse and sterilize the tool before and after each use.

And don't be too aggressive! If your pimples are anything more than surface pimples with a readily white head, don't try to use the tool on them. Pimple popping tools should only be used on pimples that are apparently ready to pop.

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