What You Need to Know About Acne Laser Treatments

Read this before considering acne laser treatments

The newest innovation in the battle against zits: acne laser treatments. It sounds kind of far-fetched and science fiction-y, but when you consider that we have laser eye surgery, laser skin procedures stop sounding quite so strange.

But what is acne laser treatment, is it safe, and how do you know if it's right for you? Here are all the details you need before you turn a laser loose on your skin.

The dreaded acne laser

There's something appealing in the thought of an acne laser -- like turning a weapon on a chronic and painful condition. Of course, the reality is a little less glamorous. Here are the details.

When it comes to scar removal, for many years, dermatologists have used acne laser treatments to treat scarring. Since lasers can remove everything from warts to moles, it's no surprise that they are quite successful in treating small acne scars. Any doctor can recommend this procedure for serious scarring.

Scientists are now studying using laser to remove and prevent acne itself. The FDA has approved this procedure, but before you go running out to the nearest clinic, you should know that the results are fairly inconclusive. Sample sizes have been small, test runs have been short, and results have been inconclusive.

The way acne laser removal works is to burn away oil producing glands and follicle sacs while forcing oxygen into the bacteria, killing them. Some people will swear that acne laser treatments work miracles for them, but others are less fortunate.

The risks

Acne laser treatment is a surgical procedure, which means it comes with risks. Anything that is using a laser to dry your skin has a potential obvious complication -- that is, long term skin dryness. Some scientists are also concerned that lasers could cause spots and skin damage.

You may have also heard of a series of laser devices that the company recalled after their cooling units failed and they severely burned patients' faces. Add these potential problems to the high price of acne laser treatments, and some people might start to shy away.

If you go

If you have serious acne troubles, however, you may be willing to pay the cash and accept the risks. If that's the case, make sure you find a good clinic -- this is NOT the time to cheap out. Ask for references, referrals, and to see the operating area. Find out how many patients the clinic has worked with and how the results turned out.

For some people, laser acne removal has been the only thing that let them lead a comfortable life. It has the potential to remove scars and be a blessing to thousands of people. Like any new procedure, though, it comes with risks and warnings. If you pursue acne laser treatments, just make sure you check it out first.

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