What You Need to Know About Acne and Aluminum Toxicity

What’s Really Causing Your Acne?

Most individuals who have acne would try almost anything and everything if they felt that it would improve their skin condition. When you have acne and nothing seems to be working, you really need to dig deep and consider all possibilities. One possibility for treating acne that is so often overlooked is aluminum toxicity. Is it possible that's the culprit behind your acne condition?

Not All Medical Experts Agree

Naturopathic doctors, and even some mainstream doctors, believe that aluminum toxicity is responsible for many ailments including acne. Acne is really a disease of the skin in some ways, and any buildup of toxins in your body, eventually finds it way out through the skin in the form of acne blemishes.

Where Does the Aluminum Come From?

The most common way that we’re exposed to aluminum is on a daily basis in the deodorant and antiperspirant products we use. Every morning and after every shower we apply deodorant. Almost all deodorant brands available in store shelves contain aluminum.

While there might not be overwhelming evidence demonstrating a link between acne and aluminum toxicity, it certainly won’t hurt for you to give up deodorant that contains aluminum. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying give up deodorant altogether. Just find one of the many products that doesn't contain the aluminum ingredient.

Play the Detective

It’s worth a look to see if aluminum in deodorant can be contributing to your acne. You really have nothing to lose. Sure, you’ll have to give up your favorite brand of deodorant, but the end result might be well worth it.

Read First, Buy Second

If you find that aluminum does indeed contribute to your acne, read product labels carefully. On occasion, you’ll find a mainstream brand of deodorant that does not contain aluminum. Look at your local pharmacy or discount store first.

If you can’t find a deodorant product that doesn’t contain aluminum, then you might have to go ahead and look at natural food stores. You can almost always find a few brands of aluminum-free deodorant at natural food stores.

Trader Joes’ sells an unscented, aluminum-free deodorant. Other great brands to try are Tom’s of Maine or J/A/S/O/N. If you know of other aluminum-free deodorants for acne sufferers to try, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment.

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