What in the World is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus: A Commonly- Overlooked Acne Treatment

When you suffer from acne you have a certain willingness to try any proposed miracle cure in the hopes that it will work. It is important to externally address your acne and use specially-formulated products that are intended to improve acne, but addressing your acne internally is also a very powerful way to improve your acne. That’s where acidophilus can help.

Some Supplements Do Work

There are certain supplements that are definitely helpful in treating acne. Acidophilus is one example of such a supplement. Acidophilus, a healthy bacterium, can provide much-needed improvement in the appearance and severity of acne.

What is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus is a bacteria that aids the digestion process. When acidophilus is ingested, it helps restore healthy bacterial levels in the digestive system.

Some natural health experts believe that acne is caused by too much yeast in the diet. Consuming acidophilus keeps excess yeast in check. Yeast overgrowth usually occurs by a disturbance to healthy bacteria levels, so by implementing acidophilus, you’re reintroducing healthy bacteria that will reduce the yeast contributing to your acne.

Acidophilus also acts as an immunity booster, a natural antibiotic and regulates waste elimination. All of these things help to eliminate acne and can improve the condition of your complexion.

Getting the Acidophilus You Need

It should be relatively easy to incorporate acidophilus into your diet. Many commercially-available yogurt brands contain acidophilus. If you enjoy eating yogurt and you can eat dairy products without it negatively affecting your acne, you should look for yogurt brands that contain acidophilus.

Another way to incorporate acidophilus into your diet is to take an acidophilus supplement. Acidophilus supplements are an easy way to get enough of this healthy bacterium. Acidophilus supplements come in capsule form as well as chewable tablets. You will probably need to take acidophilus supplements for at least two weeks before you can definitely determine whether or not they are helping your acne improve.

Using It On The Skin

Some people have been known to use yogurt containing acidophilus as a “mask” for the treatment of acne. Watering the yogurt down and adding tea tree oil can provide you with a great acne skin treatment and even a treatment for vaginal yeast infections.

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