What Food Can Help Clear Up Your Acne?

Can a Miracle Food Combat Acne?

Some studies have shown that diet is strongly related to acne, but this isn’t widely accepted among dermatologists. A lot of advice dermatologists give isn’t really in the best interests of acne sufferers. In fact, very few dermatologists will admit that diet changes can improve acne. If you’re experiencing acne, the following diet advice can be very useful.

Soy: The Wonder Bean

Soy is a beneficial food, especially for acne sufferers. Consumption of soybeans has shown its benefits in several cultures over decades. They have been show to decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in our bodies. They also provide a cheap source of protein, and they are entirely a plant-based protein. If you read labels, you will find soy in a lot of foods at your local grocery store.

Soy hamburgers are a great substitute for traditional beef hamburgers. Beef contains around 90 grams of fat per pound, thus your quarter-pound hamburger contains 23 grams of fat. All of that saturated fat intake could make your acne condition worse.

Soy burgers contain much less fat and higher amounts of soy protein. They don’t taste bad; however, they do not taste like beef hamburgers, which is why many people are reluctant to try them. Just load your soy burger with your traditional beef hamburger condiments, and you should be able to enjoy it.

There are also soy cheese substitutes. There are several different types of soy cheese in grocery stores. You will find that certain brands melt differently and have a slightly different taste. Using a cheese substitute will help clear up your acne problem because dairy products have been show to contribute to acne in some individuals.

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