Wacky Acne Myths

Don't Believe These Myths About Acne

People are good at conjuring up explanations for any number of ailments, and acne is no different. Teenagers and adult acne sufferers are likely to be bombarded with unsolicited advice (from family, friends, and even complete strangers!) regarding the causes and cures for their acne. While it may be hard to bite your tongue, rest assured that most of the common acne myths have no supporting scientific evidence.

You Don't Need To Give Up Chocolate

Chocolate and greasy foods (the foundations of the teenage diet and comfort foods for many adults) do not cause acne. Let the celebration begin! While diet in general does affect the functioning and health of your body, occasionally indulging in coffee and greasy foods does not increase your likelihood of developing acne, nor does it make breakouts worse.

Is Sex Worse Than Chocolate?

I will never forget the day I had someone ask me if it's true that sexual activity can cause acne. At first I was a bit shocked, and then started thinking it was a great myth for parents to tell teens to keep them safe and pure.

In all seriousness, while there is some truth to the notion that hormonal fluctuations influence skin condition, engaging in intercourse does not cause acne breakouts.

Can Yoga Combat Acne?

While yoga may have many benefits, including stress reduction, it will not result in clearer skin. Yoga can improve your overall health, which may indirectly help your acne over time, but it will not instantly cure your acne condition.

Remember, you can't believe everything you hear (or read). Old wives tales have been around for generations (and they're not going anywhere soon). While many of them have a grain of truth to them, some are just totally out there with no basis in fact whatsoever. Remember this the next time you hear an outlandish myth about acne.

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