Understanding the Causes of Rosacea

To effectively treat rosacea, make yourself aware of the causes

Have rosacea? You're not alone. Many famous people deal with rosacea such as Bill Clinton, W.C. Fields, Rosie O'Donnell, and Mariah Carey. This, however, probably isn't much comfort to you. Knowing what causes this condition, the most effective rosacea products and rosacea treatments are a better comfort. Keep reading and learn the most common causes, and choose the right products and treatments.

Common rosacea causes

If you have rosacea, you know the triggers. Chances are your dermatologist asked you to keep a journal of 'triggers' or what causes rosacea flare-ups. This is very helpful and something every rosacea patient needs to do. By isolating flare-up triggers, you greatly avoid irritating your skin further.


To be aware of your triggers, keep a journal, particularly watching the following items:

-- Temperature extremes like excessively hot or cold
-- Exercise
-- Stress and anxiety
-- Food and drinks
-- Medications, cosmetic products and lotions

Demodex mites

Just like mites cause 'mange' in animals, demodex mites cause skin conditions in humans. Studies reveal that some rosacea patients have high levels of mites that serve as a trigger for flare-ups. Be sure your dermatologist is aware of and checks you for this condition.

Intestinal bacteria

In a recent study, patients participated in a hydrogen breath test. The patients with results significantly higher in hydrogen levels were diagnosed with rosacea more frequently than those with normal hydrogen breath tests. The results from this study indicate diverse strains of intestinal bacteria might be responsible for rosacea symptoms in the patients.

Patients with rosacea and high levels of hydrogen experienced complete remission when taking 10-days of the antibiotic rifaximin.

Knowing the causes of rosacea helps you treat your type of rosacea more effectively. Discuss these causes with your dermatologist for the most effective treatment of your rosacea.

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