Treatments for Acne Can Be Alternative of Conventional

Which Treatments for Acne Should You Try?

Treatments for acne fall under two broad categories: alternative and conventional. While many consumers automatically turn to conventional acne treatments, those seeking alternative acne treatments oftentimes experience better results. If you want to learn more about both conventional and alternative treatments for acne read more below.

No Prescription Necessary

Alternative treatments for acne are generally available without a prescription and can be purchased at grocery stores or shops where vitamins, herbs, and other supplements are sold. Conventional treatments for acne usually consist of something that your doctor or dermatologist prescribes. Conventional treatments can also be oral or topical. Oral treatments for acne include prescription medications that dermatologists prescribe for their patients’ acne. Very often conventional doctors treat acne with a combination of both oral and topical treatments for acne. In addition to oral medication for acne sometimes antibiotics are used as well.

Oral and Topical Options

Alternative treatments for acne can also be oral or topical. Oral alternative treatments for acne consist of herbs and vitamins. Oral treatments for acne can come in capsule or liquid form. Aloe vera is known to have a positive effect on the skin, and some people drink aloe vera juice to achieve clear skin. Topical alternative treatments for acne consist of spot treatments such as honey, crushed aspirin, or tea tree oil. They can also consist of any facial cleansers, toners, or moisturizers that contain more natural ingredients such as botanicals. Alternative treatments for acne usually are natural and don’t contain any synthetic ingredients.

Take It Easy

Switching treatment for acne too frequently can be counterproductive even if the treatments you are using are natural treatments. It can take time, possibly as much as several months for a treatment to work, and if you change your treatments for acne too quickly you might overlook some really good products.

Alternative treatments for acne are a good route to go because they are available without a prescription, and they usually have few side effects.

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