Treating Acne with Two Different Acne Products

Can You Use Different Acne Products at the Same Time?

If you suffer from acne, you might be confused by the myriad of products on the market intended to treat the condition. You might also be wondering if you can mix-and-match products that are manufactured by different companies. Luckily, we have the answers…

Two Hot Acne Products

Two of the most popular acne products gracing store shelves are Stridex and Clearasil. Each of these brands is available in cleaning washes, astringents, facial masks, spot treatments and medicated cleansing pads. However, can you combine these brands and still get the benefits of these acne products? Can you use a Stridex medicated pad and a Clearasil astringent? The answer isn’t always cut and dry.

Don’t Jump In With Both Feet Just Yet

When you start using over-the-counter acne products, you probably only want to begin using the spot treatment a company makes. Doing this exposes your skin to the product and all the ingredients it contains at a very low level. After a few days of use, if you don’t notice any negative reactions, you might want to try the facial cleanser and astringent by the same brand.

Manufacturers typically formulate their products to be used in conjunction with one another. That doesn’t mean you need to use every product that they manufacture. Your acne might be manageable simply by using a spot treatment such as Clearasil’s Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream. If you find that you need more than a spot treatment, you can gradually introduce other Clearasil products starting with the facial wash.

Start With One, Then Introduce Another

If you begin by using acne products from different manufacturers and you have a negative reaction, you may not know which brand caused the reaction. Later on, once you have used a particular brand of acne products for a while, you can introduce a different product to see how you react. You just might find that you like using a facial wash by Stridex and a spot treatment by Clearasil. If you’ve been using Clearasil for a few weeks without incident and you break out a day or two after introducing a Stridex product, you know what the problem is.

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