Tips for Back Acne Sufferers

Some Sound Advice Back Acne

If you suffer from back acne, you might be wondering if spending too much time soaking in the bathtub can have a negative effect on your acne. There is no doubt that back acne certainly needs to be treated differently than facial acne due to the differences between your facial skin and skin on your back. However, will prolonged exposure to water exacerbate back acne?

To Soak Or Not To Soak?

There are some skin conditions in which prolonged exposure to hot water will aggravate the condition. Eczema is one example. Individuals who suffer from eczema are usually instructed to limit the amount of time they soak in the tub and then pat their skin dry afterward rather than rubbing it. Sometimes acne, including back acne, can be associated with dry skin. An individual who has dry skin might rebound by producing more oil which can clog pores and contribute to acne. If you have back acne, limit the amount of time soaking in the tub.

Another potential problem with taking a bath when you have back acne is that you might not rinse all the soap off completely because it is a little harder to reach your back. Make sure you rinse thoroughly so there is no residue left behind. Soap that is left behind can contribute to back acne. If you’re not sure if you rinsed thoroughly enough, you can always shower off after your bath.

Running Water Instead of A Tub

If your skin is excessively oily, you actually will benefit by taking warm showers. Warm showers will dry your skin and remove the excess oil that is causing acne. Continue to apply soap to your back and be certain to remove all excess residue before getting out of the shower. Use a fresh washcloth each day too. Don’t hang your washcloth and let it dry. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can further contribute to back acne.

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