Thinking About Taking An Oral Acne Prescription?

Just How Dangerous Can Acne Medications Be?

Oral acne medications are a very popular way of treating the dreaded skin condition that plagues teenagers, preteens and adults. People who suffer from acne are usually willing to try anything to get rid of it. Unfortunately, that often means taken an oral acne prescription. Acne medications taken orally often have significant side effects and it is important to question whether these side effects are actually worse than the acne itself.

What You Need To Know

Some acne medications can cause some serious side effects including depression, increased suicide rates, and many other undesirable psychiatric symptoms. Other unpleasant side effects include headaches, nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision. Red, itchy eyes also may result from some medications because of decreased tear production and some oral acne medications even list kidney and liver problems as well as jaundice as side effects. Perhaps one of the most serious side effects associated with oral acne medications is that of severe birth defects in the children of pregnant women who have taken the drugs.

If you are prescribed an oral acne medication, it is important that you thoroughly question your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects and potential drug interactions with any other medications you might be taking. Don’t assume that you are obligated to get your prescription filled just because the doctor wrote it. Always inquire about other treatment options available to you and always try natural methods of eliminating acne before you even think about filling an oral acne prescription.

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