There’s Acne, and Then There is Bad Acne

What Exactly is Bad Acne?

The words bad acne really demonstrate the effect that acne can have on individuals: both teens and adults alike. It would seem pretty self explanatory that bad acne refers to the worst cases of acne. However, determining whether one has bad acne is really subject to the individual’s own interpretation.

One Term - Many Meanings

It seems realistic to refer to cases of severe acne such as cystic acne and nodular acne as bad acne, and the words bad acne would provide a pretty accurate description of the severe types of acne. Individuals who suffer from cysts and nodules would probably feel that a few whiteheads or smaller blemishes are no big deal. So, perspective definitely influences whether or not acne is considered bad acne. To a young girl getting ready for a date, her first pimple, no matter how small, will likely seem like a big deal.

A Professional Point of View

From a dermatologist’s perspective, bad acne is generally considered the more severe forms of acne: cystic and nodular. Also, a dermatologist also feels that severe acne should be considered bad acne because of the definite possibility that it will lead to scarring.

Bad acne can also refer to any blemishes you have at the same time you have an important function coming up. Obviously, you are going to be upset to discover you have a pimple for an important function such as your wedding day or the day you get school pictures taken. Generally, the worse your acne is, the more difficult it is to conceal it using makeup. When females have just a few pimples, it can help to apply makeup in a very precise way to conceal it. Use a treatment concealer and dab it directly on your pimple, then try to blend foundation in a circular motion around your pimple.

What Do You Think?

Whether or not you have bad acne is a matter of personal opinion, and if your acne makes you uncomfortable definitely seek a dermatologist’s care. You don’t need to have very bad acne to benefit from the treatment a dermatologist can offer.

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