The Secrets To Treating Neck Acne

Neck Acne Requires a Different Approach Than Facial Acne

Most of us are familiar with acne and have a good sense of how to treat it, but few of us know how to treat neck acne. Acne can occur on many areas of the body including the face, chest, shoulders, back, buttock, and even the neck. Treating neck acne requires a different treatment approach than other areas of the body.

Less Is More

Many of the over-the-counter acne products that you see advertised can be used to treat neck acne as well, but there is one important difference. When you treat neck acne, you need to apply products sparingly. The neck is a very sensitive area. Feel the skin on your hands. Now, feel the skin on your neck. The skin on your neck is more delicate than the rest of your body because it is thinner. If you use full strength acne products on neck acne, you will very well likely irritate your skin.

The difficult thing about neck acne is that it can be exacerbated rather easily. The neck can easily trap sweat underneath it which can make neck acne worse.

Once and Only Once

Do not apply acne products to your neck more than once per day to start off with. If you have incredibly sensitive skin, start by using acne treatment creams once every other day. Gradually increase to using acne cream once per day. Make sure you moisturize your skin both in the morning and in the evening. So many people forget to moisturize their neck, and if you are applying a benzoyl peroxide cream to your neck acne you will definitely need to use a moisturizer.

Many individuals who have neck acne also have facial acne, but if you only have neck acne it is obviously easier to conceal in cold weather climates than facial acne is. Neck acne can be concealed relatively easily by wearing turtlenecks. Females who wear makeup can also apply some facial makeup to their neck acne to provide a bit of coverage.

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