The Painful Truth About Body Acne

Body Acne Can Be Worse Than Facial Acne

When people talk about acne, they're using discussing facial acne. However, body acne can be just as embarrassing and even more painful than facial acne. If you suffer from body acne, we've got some tips that can help.

Alleviating the Pain

Oftentimes the blemishes associated with body acne are the deep, cystic blemishes that cause intense pain. Unfortunately, walking or even sitting can be an extremely painful endeavor when body acne raises its ugly head. That's why alleviating the pain is sometimes priority number one.

When body acne hurts, it's usually due to the pressure within the blemish. Unless you pop the pimple, the pressure is going to take some time to dissipate.

I really can't recommend popping any acne, especially body acne. However, if you feel the pimple is ready to pop (as evidenced by a white head) then doing so may be the fastest way to relieve the pressure. Whether you pop the pimple or not, wash the blemish with warm water and then apply a benzyl peroxide.

Preventing Body Acne

The best way to avoid painful body acne is to prevent it from developing in the first place. While this isn't always 100-percent possible, there are methods that will work for most people. Usually there is a cause for body acne, whether it be hormonal, toxins in the body, etc. When you know whats causing your body acne, you can take measures to avoid it.

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