The Benefits of Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a curse -- but sometimes, it's a blessing in disguise

Who wants oily skin? It leads to acne, smeared makeup, shiny noses, and all sorts of other things we don't even want to think about, much less discuss. I know the feeling: I've had oily skin my entire life. I used to laugh when people complained about dry skin. At least they could slather some moisturizer on and be done with it. I was stuck with my pimples, no matter how many oily skin products I used.

Or so I thought. That was in my teenage years, and I'm not going to lie: oily skin was a real bummer throughout adolescence. Now, though, as an adult, I've come to realize that there actually are some benefits to having oily skin. Here's what my years of 'wisdom' have taught me.

Oily skin: there is an upside!

Everyone's skin, no matter how dry, has naturally occurring oils. If it didn't, you'd look like a reptile. When you're young, your hormones often cause those oils to rampage out of control, causing massive breakouts and potential scarring.

Obviously, that is not a good thing. When you're dealing with those sorts of problems, you want to use oily skin products to take care of excess oil and eliminate acne. When you get a bit older, though, and your hormones level out, the oil will recede a bit too. It won't disappear -- you'll always have oily skin -- but it will start to have more benefits.

The main one is the obvious one: with age, your skin starts to dry. Many people with so-called 'normal' skin in their youth have dry skin by the time they're in their thirties. That means that over time, your skin will probably start to become what you now think of as 'normal.' Meanwhile, the people with dry skin are going to be starting to show their age.

Dry skin leads to problems too... You have to moisturize constantly, and there's always the risk of wrinkles, dry scaly patches, and other problems. In other words, dry skin shows age.

My best friend and I are both in our forties. When we were teenagers, I was incredibly envious of her perfect skin. While I hid my acne outbreaks, she dabbed on a bit of blush and seemed to shine. The other day we went out for lunch and someone mistook her for my mom! She was horrified -- but I suddenly realized what oily skin had done for me. While my friend's skin wrinkled, mine stayed elastic and youthful. The oils evened out (I still get the occasional breakout, but not often) and gave me the skin everyone envies.

So take heart: if you have oily skin now, you might be grateful in the future. Use oil skin products, especially a moisturizer for oily skin, and try to keep things under control until that oily skin becomes the best beauty product money can't buy.

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