The Affect Winter Has on Acne

How Acne Can Worsen During the Winter Months

Winter is approaching and if you suffer from acne, you might be dreading the upcoming seasonal change. In fact, winter may possibly be the worst time for individuals who suffer from acne flare-ups. If you want to know why it happens and how to avoid it, you definitely need to read on…

Why Is Winter Worse for Acne?

During the winter months, dry skin can result from the constant exposure to indoor dry air and constant temperature changes (going outside into the cold and then inside into a heated environment). This winter environment causes dead skin cells, which in turn can clog pores and worsen acne. Many people think that only excess oil production can contribute clogged pores, but dead skin cells can clog pores in the same way oil does.

How to Prevent It

There are certain changes that you can make during the winter months to lessen the severity of your acne. Try putting a vaporizer in your bedroom to put moisture into the air. You can also use a humidifier in your room or attach a humidifier to your furnace (such as the April Air product line). If you want to humidify your home with a decorative touch, invest in a “fogging” fountain. The indoor fountains that produce fog also moisturize the air in the room they are in. If you don’t want to use anything electrical at night or don’t have room in your budget just yet to purchase a humidifier, a pot of water in your room at night will help a bit.

You can also try opening your windows for fifteen minutes in the morning in order to promote healthy air exchange. Allowing outdoor air to infuse your room is important in the wintertime because the air is very dry and can get stagnant. However, be prepared to spend the extra money on your energy bills since you’ll be letting warm air out and cool air in if you open your windows during the cold months.

Also remember to drink plenty of water in order to stay well hydrated. If you want your skin to have enough moisture, you need to make sure your body gets enough water.

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