Teens Don't Have To Put Up With Acne

Acne Doesn't Have To Be a Fact of Life

Are you the parent of a teenager with acne? Do you consider the condition to be a rite of passage into adulthood? Perhaps it once was, but suffering from acne is no longer a scourge to grow out of. Yes, you had acne, you wanted to hide during breakouts (but couldn't), and you wished that it would just go away so that you didn't feel so self-conscious - but you survived, right? And so will your teenager, right? Not really...

A Rite Of Passage?

Yes, your teenager will survive bouts of acne. But does that mean that you want him or her to feel how you did? To dread going to school or on dates because of a breakout? To pretend to be sick on school picture day?

Just because you suffered and survived doesn't mean your child has to do the same. Teenagers today have options that older generations didn't have, and just because they can survive something, doesn't mean that they should have to endure it if it is preventable (or treatable).

Explore All Of Your Options

Your self-conscious teen has probably already tried every over-the-counter acne treatment, including astringents, cleansers and creams. He or she has probably pored over the options in the skin care aisles more than once, determined to find a product or combination or products that will permanently erase their acne from existence.

Sometimes, those treatments will work if used regularly, but sometimes they don't, and your teen may be frustrated after multiple attempts at finding over-the-counter miracle cures. This is the point when medical intervention is needed.

Dermatologists can prescribe a variety of medications to treat your teen's acne, although it may take several tries to find the most effective combination. Some prescription acne treatments will not be prescribed simply because of your teen's age; some prescriptions are not safe for adolescents to use. Once those are excluded, however, there are still oral and topical prescriptions, such as the antibiotic doxycycline and the gel Differin, that are both safe and effective.

Problem Solved!

With some time and more patience, acne treatments, whether over-the-counter or prescription, can clear your teen's acne up -- and he or she will be able to deal with other typical teenage concerns without worrying about his or her skin.

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