Summer Acne Tips -- Fighting The Summer Breakout

Warm weather often leads to summer acne

Even as an adult, I struggle with summer acne. And when I was a teenager, the summer months were a living nightmare for me. No matter what I did, I couldn't keep my skin from shining like a beacon and glowing like a tomato.

The skin care that helps you fight acne all winter long may not work when summer comes around. Not only is the warm weather going to make you sweat more, you're probably smearing sunscreen and bug spray and all sorts of other lovely things on your face. It's a tough thing when you're down to a choice between extreme sunburns and severe acne.

Fortunately, you can change your skin care regimen with the seasons. With these tips, you'll be able to fight acne even in the summer.

Summer acne tips

Here are some suggestions on how to prevent acne in the warmer months.

1. Consider switching to a stronger soap. Do NOT wash your face more often -- twice a day is more than enough. But you may need more oil control in the summer than in the winter.

Also, it's fine to wash your face with water during the day if it's feeling oily. Just don't get in the habit of washing four or five times with soap. You'll only damage your skin and cause more acne in the long run.

2. Use a sunscreen made for your face. Most sunscreens are heavily moisturizing and contain a ton of oil. However, you can buy facial moisturizers for oily skin that contain sunscreen. You absolutely need sunscreen -- there's no point in learning how to prevent acne and then spending the summer with flaky, peeling, sunburnt skin. If you take acne medication, sun sensitivity can be a side effect, so it's doubly important.

3. Blot your face, don't rub it. If your skin feels oily or gross, grab a towel and blot it dry. Never rub -- you'll only spread the oil around and clog your pores further.

4. Consider using a weekly facial mask. Even if you don't use one in the summer, a good oil absorbing mask can make a big difference during hotter months. They aren't expensive and can really help fight acne.

5. Drink lots of water. The more water you drink, the cleaner your sweat becomes. The body has more liquid to flush and won't just force oozing oil out of your pores. The more water you drink in the summer, the better you'll feel, and the better your skin will look.

There's a lot more to treating summer acne than just keeping up your normal skin care regime, or even doubling it. You have to use different products. As always, the best course is to prevent summer acne before it can get started.

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