Stop Acne In Its Tracks

How to stop acne before it gets out of control

The best time to stop acne is before you get it. If you're like many people, though, once your skin clears up, you might slack off on your skin regiment. It's completely natural: people tend to forget about problems that don't immediately present themselves (it's why we're such diligent flossers when we get back from the dentist or have a toothache, but not so much the rest of the time.)

So it's going to happen. You'll mostly conquer your acne problems, and then one day, you notice a single pimple. Ugh, you think -- and then one becomes two, and two becomes four, and soon you've got breakouts all over your face and body.

The best tactic would be to stop acne before it started. But if you notice a pimple, it's time to take immediate action to prevent a full scale breakout.

How to stop acne in its early stages

Here are the steps you can take for stopping acne in its tracks!

1. If you've stopped using a cleanser that was working for you, resume it immediately -- but only as directed. In other words, washing your face twelve times on one day is not the same as washing it daily for twelve days. Don't try to make up for lost time: concentrate on preventing further outbreaks.

2. Stop and think about what you've been doing lately. Have you made changes to your diet, switched soaps, or anything else that could affect your skin? Are you using more makeup? A different brand? Sunscreen? See if you can find the culprit in any changes you've made to your lifestyle.

3. Drink plenty of water. The verdict is out on whether it really helps acne, but it certainly can't hurt!

4. Hands off. Even though you know picking and touching leads to acne problems, it can be tempting to feel around your face every five seconds just to see if that zit is really still there. It is. It will be less noticeable if you stop essentially pointing to it or, better still, picking at it till it bleeds and scabs.

5. Consider methods of stopping acne that have worked for you in the past. If you've found a spot treatment that really did wonders, or if egg yolks are your tried and true method, get back on them right away. Do your whole face if necessary, not just the local area -- as you probably know, acne spreads fast.

A zit when you don't expect one is frustrating, but when it leads to a breakout all over your face, that's much worse. You can stop acne by following these tips the second you notice a zit. Once it's there, you pretty much have to be patient and let it run its course -- but you can certainly curb acne from popping up all over your face in the process.

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