Speaking of Laser Acne Treatments -- Here Comes Isolaz.

Isolaz is Being Featured in the September Issue of Vogue

What do acne, lasers, Vogue, Women's Health and Harper's Bazaar all have in common? A new treatment called Isolaz. Just the other day we covered the topic of lasers being used to treat acne. Now it seems there's a brand name that's not only being covered by the top women's publications, but it's also got FDA approval in the treatment of acne.

What is Isolaz?

To put it in the simplest of terms, Isolaz is a treatment that involves using a laser and vacuum suction to clean your pores from the inside out. The vacuum loosens, breaks up and extracts the dirt from your pores while the laser destroys the bacteria that cause acne problems.

Does It Work?

Yes, it seems that Isolaz does indeed work (although not on cystic acne). Not only is it FDA approved in the treatment of Acne, but studies have shown that 85 percent of the people who undergo Isolaz treatment experience clearer skin.

What You Need to Know

If you're serious about seeking out Isolaz treatment, there are a few things you need to consider. First, it's not cheap. Some providers charge almost $400 per treatment and you're going to need four or five sessions. That's roughly $1,600 to $2,000. That's quite a steep price, although some may find it worth it.

Another thing to consider is that Isolaz isn't 100-percent effective (like we said, it's worked in about 85 percent of those tested) and if you're one of the 15-percent who doesn't take to the treatment, you're out a lot of dough. However, if you can spare the cash I'd suggest undergoing at least one treatment. You should notice a difference the next day if Isolaz is going to work for you. Then, if you feel it's worth it, you can go ahead and continue Isolaz treatments.

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