Sometimes Males Need Some Extra Acne Help

Acne Help for Males

There is no doubt that being male and having acne presents certain challenges, but don’t worry -- acne help is on the way. From shaving irritation to not being able to wear concealing makeup, males with acne have it rough. We figured we’d lighten the load by sharing some of these helpful male-orientated acne tips.

Shaving Woes

Shaving when you have acne can be very difficult. Certain shaving creams can aggravate acne and God knows the havoc that the razor can play on uneven skin. Fortunately, there are certain products on the market that can alleviate irritation.

Skip a Day

As a male with acne, you should try not to shave every day if at all possible. The less you shave, the better. If it’s the weekend and you don’t have to be anywhere, give yourself a break and skip shaving. Shaving every day can really irritate your acne.

Tread Carefully

It’s important to be very careful when shaving. Getting a cut when you’re shaving is certainly not fun, but if you have acne it’s even worse.

Don’t shave if you are in a hurry. You will be more prone to cut yourself if you try to shave when you overslept and are running late.

Use Sensitive Skin Products

Make sure you use a moisturizing shaving cream designed for sensitive skin. Gel-based shaving creams do foam up to a similar texture as foam shaving creams, but both have a more mousse-like consistency as opposed to the heavy cream-type shaving products.

Take a Break

Avoid using acne products immediately after shaving. Sometimes acne sufferers can overuse acne products, which can lead to redness and irritation and can exacerbate your acne further.

It’s true that males who suffer from acne have a difficult road to endure. While having acne can make grooming a difficult task, the above tips can help keep it under control.

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