Should You Scrub Your Acne Away?

Scrubbing Your Acne Really Isn’t The Answer

I’ll never forget the day a friend of mine experienced his first acne breakout. For some odd reason, he thought he’d be able to just scrub the acne away. I guess he was hoping if he cleaned his face enough, the acne would just disappear. Unfortunately, his acne got worse and I’m pretty sure I know why.

Don’t Irritate Something That’s Already Angry Red

Look at each blemish on your face as though it’s an angry little pore all swollen and red with anger. Scrubbing the heck out of it is just going to irritate it more and it’s going to make the situation worse instead of better. Agitating something that’s already irritated never makes things better. So how do you calm down an angry red pore? You soothe it.

Be Gentle

Yes, you should definitely cleanse your face when you have acne, but cleansing does not mean harsh scrubbing. Gently cleanse your skin with an acne wash containing salicylic acid and make sure you moisturize with a quality moisturizer. Baby your skin back to its calm and collected self. Attacking it with a scrubbing sponge isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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