Quick and Easy Acne Pain Relief

Some Easy Remedies to Relieve Acne Pain That Don’t Involve Popping

Anyone who’s had a deep-down acne blemish knows just how bad they can hurt. Luckily, you don’t have to take that pain lying own. There are many things you can do to ease the pain of severe acne.

The Deeper They Are, The More They Hurt

Blemishes that are deep beneath the surface of the skin often hurt the most. You don’t need to pop these blemishes in order to be provided with relief. In fact, popping them is easier said than done and will almost always result in scaring. With the following tips, you no longer have to dread how painful deep blemishes can be.

Honey Hits the Spot

Whether you are an adult who is experiencing acne after many years of clear skin or a teenager dealing with regular breakouts, the following treatments can provide some pain relief and even help curb your breakouts. One very helpful hint for dealing with pimples is to apply a warm cotton ball soaked in salt water to your pimple for about three minutes. Afterwards, apply a bit of honey and wash it off after ten minutes.

Aspirin And Other Quick Acne Pain Remedies

Aspirin doesn’t have to be swallowed to ease pain. A remedy that often helps painful acne is to apply crushed aspirin to a pimple. The aspirin will reduce inflammation and redness. You could also try applying aloe vera gel to acne. Aloe vera gel works wonderfully because it has soothing qualities and can provide a protective barrier. You could also try applying ice to acne. Ice is always soothing and helps to alleviate any inflammation. No matter how much you think about popping a pimple, resist the urge to do so. Popping pimples can lead to scarring, further pain, possible infection, and can also exacerbate acne by redepositing oil on other areas of your face.

Bigger and Better Acne Relief Information

Another great way to find acne pain-relief methods is by taking the acne e-course at this acne relief website. The e-course is free and there’s tons of helpful information that will enable you to quickly relieve the pain of deep blemishes.


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