Popping Zit Myths

Learn the truth behind the biggest acne mistakes out there

Never trust acne myths. That's an easy rule to follow, and one that can keep you from making terrible mistakes that make bad acne worse. Of course, the trouble comes in once you realize there are so many acne myths out there -- and they're so mixed up with genuine acne treatment -- that it's incredibly difficult to tell what works from what doesn't.

Obviously, this site is a great place to find out the truth behind many of the worst acne myths around. But if you only have a few minutes, make sure you avoid the following common mistakes -- things people often quote when discussing how to get rid of acne that will actually make things much worse.

Common acne myths and mistakes

1. Not using sunscreen because it makes acne worse.

On the surface of things, yes, smearing oily lotion on your acne is not a good idea. Some people will even tell you that sunlight is a great cure for serious acne. Unfortunately, sunlight also causes other things -- like wrinkles and cancer.

And while sun might dry your acne, if your skin gets too dry it compensates by producing more oils, leading to more acne. The doctors aren't wrong: you need to use sunscreen. Just look for non oily types or those made specifically for faces.

2. Washing your face more often to get rid of acne.

You should wash your face twice a day in the normal swing of things: in the morning and before bed. Use a good medicated acne soap and let it do its thing. I know it can seem frustrating not to do anything in the face of serious acne, but not only will washing your face every half hour not help, it can strip away natural oils and actually make your acne worse.

3. Avoiding cosmetics because they make acne worse.

It's a classic dilemma: you want to use makeup to cover unsightly acne, but you're scared it will make things worse. That's not necessarily true, not if you shell out a bit more for high quality makeup. Don't smear oil based foundation on your face and you should be fine.

4. Not seeking acne treatment.

Time is not the best acne treatment. Letting time take care of your pimples can result in scarring and popped zits, leading to more acne. The best acne treatment is the one that works for you, whatever that is -- and it may take some experimentation to find it.

And of course, I know I don't have to tell you not to squeeze your pimples. But I will anyway, because even though everyone knows that myth isn't true, people persist in squeezing the darn things. STOP IT!

Make sure you don't get sucked in, and don't let these acne myths make your serious acne even worse!

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