New Drugs Are Being Used To Fight Acne

Acne Sufferers May Benefit From New Prescription Medications

It used to be that prescription acne treatments were a last resort. After all, many acne sufferers would agree that the side effects from most acne drugs are worse than actually dealing with acne. That may all change, however. New drugs are being added to the fight against acne, and it seems these medications may be on the right track.

The Target is Changing

It used to be that prescription acne medications targeted the oils secreted by the skin. As research continued, however, we began to understand that the oils our skin produces are actually beneficial to our skin and stripping our skin of all oils can actually make the condition of our skin worse, not better.

Once acne experts began to understand that all oil might not be the enemy, they began looking at other factors that contribute to acne. Inflammation being one of them.

When your skin is inflamed, your pores become narrower, leading to clogging and acne breakouts. By targeting inflammation rather than oil, you can reduce the severity of your acne breakouts.

Is Zileuton The Answer?

Zileuton is one of the drugs currently being looked at for acne treatment. It targets inflammation, thereby reducing acne.

Unlike the traditional acne prescriptions, Zileuton doesn't have the rainbow of harmful side effects associated with it. In fact, Zileuton didn't even start out as an acne treatment. It was originally used to treat asthma and its acne benefits are just now being discovered.

A Good Sign

While Zileuton may not be the perfect acne solution, it is a step forward and that's a good sign. It means that, eventually, acne sufferers aren't going to have to deal with harsh side effects if they do resort to prescription acne treatments.

Of course, many acne sufferers feel that natural remedies are the best approach, but for those who do prefer prescription meds, this change in approach is very welcome.

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