Natural Acne Remedies Healing From the Inside Out

These Natural Acne Remedies May Work For You

You've read about the acne products you should use, the dos and don'ts of acne skin care and the details of how each and every acne condition develops. It's high time you read about some natural acne remedies that could really help you heal your acne from the inside out. Here are some natural products that have worked wonders for many acne-prone individuals and the details of why the work as well.

Tea Tree Oil

Forget about Oxy. Tea tree oil can work wonders too and it's much less harsh on your skin. Use tea tree oil as a topical spot acne treatment. It reduces inflammation and acts as a natural topical anti-biotic, drastically reducing the appearance of your surface blemishes.

Green Tea

Another "tea" treatment, but this one works internally, not externally. Drinking lots of green tea can help rid your system of toxins and it's chock full of anti-oxidants. This cleans your system from the inside out and after a month or so of drinking it religiously, can help reduce the severity of your acne condition.

Licorice Root Extract

This acne fighting remedy is a natural anti-inflammatory. This can help control the inflammation of your skin. Just make sure you don't take too much. It can have nasty side effects if you do, so always follow the instructions on your supplement package.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another natural topical acne treatment that works wonders. Spot treat your blemishes with apple cider vinegar and leave it on overnight. It might not smell the greatest, but it's a natural antiseptic and will help kill the bacteria that are causing your acne.

And there you have it -- four natural acne remedies that will help keep your skin healthy and clear. Try them out and let me know which ones worked best for you.

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