Natural Acne Remedies Explained

Are Natural Acne Remedies Effective at Treating Acne?

If you suffer from severe acne such as cystic acne or nodular acne, you might be reluctant to try natural acne remedies. Many acne sufferers are reluctant to try natural acne remedies because they mistakenly believe natural acne remedies are not as effective as conventional treatments.

The Power and Benefit of Natural Acne Remedies

Natural acne remedies can be beneficial for severe acne sufferers, and there is no evidence to suggest that natural acne remedies are any less effective for treating severe acne than the more common whiteheads and blackheads. The only possible problem with trying natural acne remedies is that severe acne can scar if not treated effectively early on. The longer you suffer from severe acne, the greater likelihood of scaring.

Conventional medications your dermatologist prescribes can take a while to work, and you could still have acne for a few months after beginning conventional treatment. Naturopathic doctors can be a great resource for helping you zero in on effective natural acne remedies; however, they charge a high hourly office visit which is usually not covered by insurance.

Naturopathic vs. Contemporary

When visiting a Naturopathic doctor, you might end up paying just as much or possibly more than you would if you visited a dermatologist. The only difference, though, is that you will definitely get more time with a naturopathic doctor than with a dermatologist. When you visit a dermatologist, for a $100 you will usually get a twenty-minute appointment. For $100, you will get at least an hour appointment with a naturopathic doctor.

The best compromise if money is tight is for you to seek out information about natural acne remedies online. Learn about what types of herbs and supplements can help improve acne, and purchase ones that you think will help your situation.

Acne is very complicated and even a dermatologist cannot determine all causes of acne. Try a few different natural acne remedies and stick with what works best for your skin.

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