More Helpful Acne Tips To Live By

Acne Tips for Acne Sufferers

Acne affects both teens and adults. Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do or what acne solutions we try, the acne always comes back -- and sometimes it's worse than before. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to our acne problems. This means being creative. Here are some tips to help you...

Natural Remedies

Many products offer overnight results and may work for a period of time. Afterwards, however, your skin becomes accustomed to the product and the acne returns. It's oftentimes better to try natural acne face masks such as oatmeal, olive oil or honey.

Popular OTC Acne Products

If natural remedies do not work, you can try solutions with chemical enhancers to treat acne such as Pro Activ or Acne Free. These remedies come in a three part series: a washer/exfoliant, an astringent and a lotion. While these do have a good track record of results, they can be expensive and when you stop using them your acne will probably come back.

Do It Right

Make sure you are cleaning your face correctly. Many people make the mistake of not cleansing their face enough. Others are guilty of over washing. If you sweat a lot you should make sure that you are cleaning your face of the excess dirt but you should not be exfoliating every time. Even just washing your face with water or a light astringent will do the trick. If your face becomes irritated while washing it means that you are over washing which will make the acne worse.

Diet Changes

As we've discussed before, the food that we eat will cause our skin to react in certain ways. Avoid foods that cause acne reactions and make sure you drink plenty of water. Drinking water is pertinent to healthier skin, as is eating whole and natural foods.

When All Else Fails

If nothing else has helped, then it is time to see the dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to explain to you what type of acne you have and possible remedies in order to treat the acne. They can also offer medications that only a doctor can prescribe.

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