Moisturizer and Acne

Why You Need Moisturizer To Fight Acne

Yesterday Nick told you why drying out your skin wasn’t an effective way of fighting your acne. He also touched on the fact that moisturizer isn’t harmful to your complexion and that you might actually need it to help keep your skin clear. He was right.

Moisturizer Is NOT Your Enemy

Many people believe the myth that moisturizer can make acne worse. The truth of the matter is that without moisturizer, you can’t effectively fight your acne. This is because moisturizer gives your skin the moisture it needs in order to prevent over-drying. Especially since medicated acne washes and treatments can often dry skin out. The trick is in knowing what type of moisturizer to use.

The Right Stuff

Getting the right moisturizer can make all the difference for an acne-prone complexion. First and foremost, make sure any moisturizer you buy is oil-free. A moisturizer with an oil base will indeed cause acne problems. However, there are more moisturizers on the market without oil than there are with oil.

Moisturizers with a gel base or moisturizers containing salicylic acid are great moisturizers for acne-prone complexions. A moisturizer that states it will help prevent acne breakouts is usually a great choice.

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