Looking For a Natural Acne Treatment?

Diet As a Natural Acne Treatment

Almost everyone who has suffered from acne has sought out a natural acne treatment at one point or another. The most natural acne treatment that you can try is to modify your diet. Food is a medicine of sorts, and eating a healthy diet can be the most natural acne treatment you could possibly try.

Implementing Your Natural Acne Treatment

There are a variety of things that you can do to improve your diet so that it can do double duty as both a form of nourishment and as a “medicine” of sorts by being a natural acne treatment. Dairy is one food that many acne sufferers insist makes their acne worse. The likely culprit in dairy is the hormones in cow’s milk, both naturally occurring and the supplemental kind dairy cows are given. These hormones can trigger acne flare-ups. Think of how much dairy you consume. Unless you’re vegan, you probably consume a lot of dairy, as many Americans do: milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.

Another food item that many acne sufferers feel adversely impacts their acne is sugar. Sugar is known to suppress immune function. Skin disorders are the result of suppressed immune function. The skin is an excretory organ and allows your body to excrete harmful substances. If you have something immune-related going on in your body, it often shows up on your skin. Many conventional doctors insist that sugar does not adversely affect acne, but obviously that depends on how much sugar you are eating. If you eat a lot of processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup and you drink sugary beverages, then you are obviously consuming too much sugar.

If you suffer from acne and you feel that you would benefit from a natural acne treatment such as an improved diet, give it a try. As long as you are willing to stick to it and make the necessary dietary adjustments, you will probably see some improvement. The reason that many individuals don’t see an improvement in their acne from diet changes is because they don’t follow the diet long enough. Give yourself about two months of eating well before you determine whether or not a natural acne treatment such as an acne diet is for you.


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I agree that a person's diet may affect his/her acne, but I think for most people the acne has causes that requires measures beyond a simple change of diet.

That being said, it's worth giving a shot, trying to stop eating certain foods and see if it has any significant impact.

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