Is Your All Natural Treatment Making Your Rosacea Worse?

Learn the truth about all natural treatments for rosacea

All natural treatments sound good and many people try them in effort to avoid harsh prescription medicine. Before you try this method of treatment for your rosacea, listen to what dermatologists say about rosacea and herbal remedies.

All natural treatments for rosacea

Prescription medicine can be strong and come with a list of serious side effects. For this reason, many people seek out alternative, all natural treatments. Perceived as safer, and less expensive why not try them? While understandable that rosacea patients want to try products and treatments before turning to prescription medicine, sometimes it causes their rosacea condition to worsen instead of improve.

Many rosacea patients say that all natural treatments sound appealing but only 38% of the patients who tried alternative treatments said they saw any improvement in their condition. Most patients say they stopped all natural treatments because due to ineffective results, and 8% reported a bad reaction occurred because of the treatment.

Herbal remedies and rosacea

Before trying an herbal remedy for your rosacea, consult with your dermatologist. Discuss what herbs or alternative treatments are available, and work together to incorporate it into your rosacea treatment.

Some dermatologists report that carefully added herbs, combined with traditional medications can have good results. Try the treatments under controlled conditions however, because the concentrations of herbs vary widely and reactions vary from one patient to the next.

Recommended rosacea treatment

Follow the recommendations made by your dermatologist --

Your trained dermatologist obviously recognizes which of the four types of rosacea you suffer from and how to properly treat it.

Keep appointments --

Be sure to keep all follow up appointments set by your doctor. Your doctor needs to see you more than once to monitor your condition, improvements, and flare-ups.

Use rosacea approved products --

Rosacea skin is super sensitive. Use only products your dermatologist approves and avoid making your condition worse.

Educate yourself --

Learn what causes your flare-ups and avoid them.

Being curious about trying an all-natural rosacea treatment is good, however, consult your doctor for the best results.

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