Is Your Acne About To Get Worse?

How The Changing Season Will Affect Your Acne

Summer is almost over and the season will soon be changing. How, exactly, is this going to affect your acne? If you think the change from summer to fall has no bearing on your acne whatsoever, you may want to think twice. Here are some tips to help ensure that your acne won't be taking a turn for the worse as the seasons change.

The Weather Factor

Believe it or not, weather really does have a huge impact on acne. After all, our environment is one of the biggest factors that determine the condition of our skin and weather does contribute to the environment.

We're about to go from summer to fall and then, before we know it, winter will be upon us. During the summer months, you may have had to concentrate on keeping your skin free from excess oil and sweat. This means extra cleansing. If you carry this routine over to fall, and then winter, you may actually cause an increase in acne flare-ups.

In fall and winter, the air becomes dryer, which means your skin is going to need moisturizing. If you continuously wick away the moisture in your skin, you're going to end up with dead, flaking cells which will in turn lead to clogged pores which will in turn lead to -- you guessed it -- acne breakouts.

A Plan of Attack

If you don't want the changing season to cause increases in acne activity, then you're going to need to take a few steps. Once the days start getting cooler, start altering your cleansing routine and make sure you're not washing your skin too much.

As winter approaches, increase your moisturizer. You, of course, want to use an acne-friendly moisturizer, but a moisturizer is definitely a must. This will prevent the harsh winter weather from completely drying out your skin and contributing to clogged pores.

By paying careful attention to the weather's affect on your skin, you'll be able to prevent weather-related acne breakouts.

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