Is ThermaClear The Acne Treatment of the Future?

What You Need to Know about ThermaClear

First there was the Zeno, and we were all amazed by its pimple-healing properties. Now acne sufferers have a new device to turn to called ThermaClear. But does ThermaClear work? Is it better than Zeno? Or is it just another "try and fail" approach to getting rid of acne. Here's the scoop...

What is ThermaClear?

ThermaClear is kind of like Zeno. It's a small device that you use on your pimples to heal them. However, don't assume they're identical products because they're not. First, ThermaClear is bulkier than Zeno, but it also powers up faster (ten seconds as opposed to Zeno's full minute) and the treatment time for ThermaClear is about two seconds (as opposed to Zeno's two minutes). If time is an issue for you, ThermaClear might be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you don't tolerate pain well, you might want to stick with Zeno. Users of the product indicate that the device can hurt quite a bit when used on sensitive blemishes (and what blemishes aren't sensitive?). However, if it means getting rid of your cystic pimples in two days or less without picking, scabbing or scarring, is it worth it? You bet it is.

How Much Does It Cost?

Okay, before you rush into a serious state of sticker shock, think about how much really good acne medications (over the counter AND prescription) cost. Now, with that in mind let ThermaClear's price tag of $150 sink in. Not so bad, is it?

Of course, in the long run ThermaClear is cheaper than Zeno (even though initial purchase prices are similar). With a Zeno you have to pay about $20 to $25 to replace the tip every 60 uses. With ThermaClear you replace the tip once a year for $20.

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