Is There a Perfect Vitamin for Acne?

Try a Vitamin for Acne to Achieve Clear Skin

Acne sufferers often wonder if there is a perfect vitamin for acne that will clear up their skin for good. There is not one vitamin for acne that will resolve acne entirely, but there are several vitamins that are needed for healthy skin. Any item that improves the health of your skin can be thought of as a vitamin for acne.

The Miracle of Vitamin

Vitamin A is a really good vitamin for acne. If you are only going to take one vitamin for acne, it should be vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin which means that it is not readily excreted from the body. For this reason you should not consume too much vitamin A. Follow the instructions on the bottle of whatever brand you purchase.

You can also apply the liquid from a vitamin A capsule directly to your acne. Don’t do this too frequently, once a week should be sufficient. Too much vitamin A can lead to dry skin in addition to toxicity. The acne medication Retin-A is actually a vitamin A derivative.

So Maybe It's Not A Vitamin...

While it is not technically a vitamin for acne, aloe vera can be a good supplement choice for acne sufferers. You can take aloe vera either in capsule form or consume aloe vera juice. Aloe vera has many healing properties for the skin.

Aloe vera can alleviate many skin ailments including acne and can leave your skin clear and vital-looking. If you notice any difficulty or negative reaction, you should discontinue use immediately. Don’t overdo it either. Take the capsules according to the instructions on the bottle, and apply aloe vera gel sparingly.

Everyone Loves E

Vitamin E is another good vitamin for acne. Vitamin E promotes clear skin because it oxidizes free radicals in the body. Free radicals can wreak havoc on your skin. Vitamin E can also help your skin rebound from acne scars.

Try one vitamin for acne at a time and add to your supplements gradually. If you try a vitamin for acne such as vitamin A, don’t take anything else for a few weeks until you see how your body responds.

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