Is Pimple Popping Okay?

What You Need To Know About Pimple Popping

They irritate the heck out of you -- those nasty little pimples that seem to violate your complexion every chance they get. It’s all too tempting to pop the vile little buggers. Unfortunately, as tempting as it may be, pimple popping is NOT a good idea.

Put Your Hands Above Your Head And Back Away From The Mirror

Seriously, you do NOT want to pop your pimples. It can do a whole lot of damage to your skin. When you pop your pimples, you risk pushing the bacteria deeper into your skin. This can result in an infection and may even cause permanent scarring. Remember, a pimple is temporary. A scar is permanent.

When You Just Can’t Help It

If you have a pimple that is right on the surface and you can’t help but pop it, make sure you do it safely. First, sterilize a very thin needle and then gently nick the pimple and then use tissue to squeeze out the fluid inside. As soon as you see blood, stop. Remember, this should only be done when popping pimples right at the very surface of the skin.


i can't get access to underground acne secrets

It's so satisfying to pop pimples, isn't it? Almost like popping bubble-wrap, huh.

Bummer to read here that it's unhealthy.

One thing that can help reduce the risk of infection after a pop is to drop on a dab of antiseptic ointment, such as Neosporin.

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