Is Mineral Makeup Good For Acne?

Acne Sufferers May Benefit From Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is all the rage and, supposedly, it's natural enough to sleep in. But as acne sufferers know, makeup isn't always good for an acne-prone complexion, no matter how light or natural it may be. After all, many makeup products claim to be okay for acne-prone skin, yet cause breakouts when using them. Mineral makeup, however, may prove to be the exception to the rule.

What Is Mineral Makeup?

True mineral makeup is powdery makeup made from natural minerals. It's lightweight, yet provides surprisingly-impressive coverage. Mineral makeup is completely natural and it won't clog your pores so your skin will be able to breathe. There are, however, some "imitation" mineral makeup products on the market that contain talc and other fillers.

When buying mineral makeup, it's important that you buy true mineral makeup and not some imitation brand. Because imitation mineral makeup contains fillers, it may indeed clog your pores and it might contribute to acne breakouts.

What Brand Is Best?

So which mineral makeup brand is best for acne sufferers? There are two that I would personally recommend. Both Bare Escentuals from i.d. and Sheer Cover are very good natural mineral makeup products. The difference between the two is that Bare Escentuals gives more of a glimmery glow while Sheer Cover is more of a matte finish.

Where To Buy

You can get mineral makeup online or in cosmetic stores such as Sephora and Ulta. I personally like to do my mineral makeup shopping on the Web as I've found the deals and packages to be better than what's offered in the stores.

When you first buy mineral makeup, see if you can find a starter package. For instance, Bare Escentuals offers a starter kit for about $60. It's not cheap, but if you want quality mineral makeup, you'll need pay the price.


Thanks for the info about Bare Escentuals vs. Sheer Cover. I have been using Southern Magnolia Minerals for a while, which I really like. However, they keep changing their colors, which is beyond frustrating. I might switch to Bare Escentuals because I do like the shimmery look that you described.

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