If You Suffer from Acne, Wash Your Hair the Right Way

What Shampoo Do You Wash Your Hair with?

If you suffer from acne you might want to give some thought to how you wash your hair and what shampoo and conditioner you use. It’s seems odd to consider that washing your hair can affect your acne, but I’m here to let you know that it definitely can. Don’t overlook this very important part of acne care. Learn how to wash your hair so that you don’t make your acne worse.

Sink or Shower?

At home you basically have two options when you wash your hair: in the sink or in the shower. There are definite advantages to washing your hair in the shower particularly when you consider the impact this will have on your acne.

When you wash your hair in the sink, you have to lean forward. Water will flow in the direction of your face. This means that your face will come in contact with shampoo residue. If you already washed your face before washing your hair, the residue will linger and can contribute to your acne. When you wash your hair in the shower, you have to tilt your head backwards. This allows water to flow away from your face. You won’t get any shampoo residue washing down the front of your face.

Shampoo Matters

Regardless of which method you use to wash your hair, you should still select a shampoo that is least likely to contribute to or exacerbate your acne. Stick with shampoos that have natural ingredients and don’t contain sodium laureth sulfate. Many shampoos available in the drugstore contain this ingredient because it is inexpensive and is what causes the shampoo to foam. It is an ingredient that some individuals can be sensitive too. It is almost always the first ingredient in many shampoos, which means the shampoo contains a lot of it.

When you wash your hair, you should consider using shampoos that you find at natural food stores. Some salon brands can make the cut, but you have to read labels to determine what ingredients they contain that may potentially irritate your scalp and skin. You will pay more to wash your hair with shampoos that don’t contain ingredients that might irritate you, but it will be well worth the benefits to your face and acne.

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