How to Have a Beautiful Complexion without a Harsh Acne Treatment

Is tea tree oil the right acne treatment for you?

Finding the right acne treatment takes time. On one hand, you need a treatment that is strong enough to battle tough acne. On the other hand, you don't want the side effects that come with prescription acne treatments. Tea Tree Oil may just be the best of both worlds.

Natural acne treatment

Up until recently, using the most effective acne skin treatment meant using Accutane. Acne sufferers with the toughest cases of acne vulgaris had no choice but to use this prescription drug. With Accutane's removal from the market, many patients are looking for an alternative that is effective without the harsh side effects.

Tea tree oil may just be that alternative. This natural oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant that is native to Australia and is a known anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral treatment. Because of the anti-bacterial nature of tea tree oil, it is effective in killing the propioni acnes bacteria that causes acne. The propioni bacteria trigger inflammation within the pore creating a papule, pimple, or cyst.

The National Institutes of Health would like more studies to prove tea tree oil is effective in treating acne. Tests show tea tree oil isn't quite as effective as benzoyl peroxide or Accutane but has the benefit of not having harsh side effects. With tea tree oil, there isn't any dryness, peeling, or flaking associated with benzoyl and none of the serious side effects of Accutane.

Because tea tree oil is a natural product from a tree, there is the possibility of an allergic reaction of which users need to be aware, and some people find the medicinal smell objectionable.
If you are interested in treating your acne with tea tree oil, you can purchase it from any health food store or use products that contain it such as Burt's Bees Blemish Stick, Kiss My Face Organics Break Out, or Dermologica Overnight Clearing Gel.

Many acne sufferers have great results with tea tree oil. If you would like an acne treatment without harsh side effects, try tea tree oil.

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