How the Rich and Famous Deal with Acne

Even Celebrities Deal with Acne Breakouts

Rarely do you see a picture of a celebrity suffering from an acne breakout (unless it's posted on some infomercial for the world to see). So are we to truly believe that acne doesn't affect the rich and famous? Absolutely not. The rich and famous suffer from acne too. Here are some of the products and remedies they use to fight it.


Believe it or not, many stars actually do use Proactiv (although they also use other expensive skin-care products along with it). If you haven't yet tried Proactiv, you really should look into it (and don't opt for the cheaper, generic brands). It doesn't fix acne for everyone, but many acne sufferers have benefited from it.

Derma Pro Acne Healing Cream

Derma Pro Acne Healing Cream is an awesome acne product that many of the acne-prone celebrities wouldn't live without. Yes, it's about $35 for a 1 ounce package, but isn't it worth it if it gets rid of your blackheads and whiteheads?

Spa Treatments

Let's face it -- celebrities aren't short on cash and when it comes to treating acne they can spend as much money as they want. Spa treatments can be expensive, but if performed regularly, they can definitely help with your acne. Call up your local day spa (I prefer the Aveda spas) and see what acne facial treatments they offer and how much they charge. You might not be able to do it more than once a week (or even just twice a month) but every little bit can help.

Prescription Meds

Of course, it has been rumored that some celebrities will turn to prescription meds if acne is severe enough. I personally don't like using prescription acne medications but I do realize there are instances in which they are warranted. If you think prescription meds may be the way to go for your acne treatment, talk it over with a reputable dermatologist.

Celebrities are like the rest of us -- they eat, sleep and suffer from acne. We just don't have people brushing up our photos and home videos for us. Rest assured, if you suffer from acne, you're in good company.

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