How Partially-Hydrogenated Fats Affect Acne

Junk Food Can Indeed Make Your Acne Worse

It’s often been said that junk food causes acne. Most conventional doctors, though, tend to refute this claim by countering that dietary habits have little impact on acne flare-ups. Despite the approach traditional medicine has taken to diet-related acne, eating junk food can indeed contribute to the condition.

Identifying the Culprit

The common ingredient in junk food that is a culprit to worsening acne is partially hydrogenated fats, the kind we are all supposed to be avoiding for the sake of cardiac health. Almost all packaged snacks contain partially hydrogenated fats, which can promote inflammation in the body. Inflammation is never a good thing, but it is particularly bad for acne sufferers.

Are You Willing to Be The Guinea Pig?

If you don’t believe that eating junk food can cause acne, simply try the theory out and see for yourself. Eliminate all the prepackaged food items or junk food that you eat. Ditch the Oreos, potato chips, and other packaged food items you usually enjoy and see if there is an improvement in your acne. One other possible culprit is touching your face during or after eating. Keep your hands away from your face if you have food residue on your hands such as the oil that accumulates when you eat potato chips.

Cutting Back

Some people are more sensitive than others to the negative effects that a particular food item has on their skin condition. Partially hydrogenated oils might be a culprit in what’s causing your acne. You might not even need to eliminate them completely from your diet, but take a look at how many partially hydrogenated oils you might be consuming on a daily basis and look for ways to reduce the amount.

With some small dietary changes, you may begin the improvement of your complexion and you can start to win the battle against your acne.

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