Here's How to Prepare and Get the Most Effective Acne Treatments

Be sure you get the best acne treatments from your dermatologist by following these 3 tips

You've had it with over the counter acne treatments. No matter what you try or how religiously you use them, they just don't work. If you you've reached this point and finally made an appointment with a dermatologist, you've taken a step in the right direction. But, before you go, here are some tips that can make your appointment go smoother and help you get the most benefits from your visit.

Prepare for your dermatologist appointment

Whether you're seeing a dermatologist for light acne treatment or cystic acne treatment, it helps if you prepare. Before you're first appointment, do the following:

Tip #1 -- Think about personal information

When you get to the doctor's office, they will have a long list of questions for you to answer. It helps speed up the process and the visit if you've given some thought to this before you go. Write down any information about any event in your life that has caused a great deal of stress or any major changes in your life.

Stressful or major changes can affect you in many ways. Taking time to remember these events will help your doctor narrow down the causes of your acne.

Tip #2 -- Bring medical information

For your safety and to receive the best acne treatment, take the time to think about all your past medical conditions. This seems like a pain, but without it, your doctor can't be sure he is treating you in the safest possible way. If you are taking medication for another illness, the medications may react badly with each other.

Write down any medications you take regularly including the strength and how often you take them. Also, know the name of any vitamins and supplements you are taking on a regular basis. Don't forget to write down the names of over-the-counter medications you have used for acne treatment.

Tip #3 -- Prepare questions for your dermatologist

It always happens. When you're at home, you can think of all kinds of things to ask your doctor that you really need to know. But, when you get to the office, you seem to forget them all. To keep this from happening, write down the questions before you go.

Here are some ideas for questions to ask:

How long will it take before I my acne gets better?

If this first treatment doesn't work -- then what?

Are there any side effects with the medicine?

Are any of my soaps, lotions, or cosmetics causing the problem?

If the medicine doesn't work should I just quit taking it?

These questions are just a few, but can get you started thinking about the visit and give you ideas for more questions to ask.

By following these tips, be assured your first dermatologist appointment will go as smoothly as possible. With the information you provide, your doctor will be able to choose from all the acne treatments and pick the best one for you.

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