Have Acne? Be Careful What You Wash With!

Using the Wrong Products Can Make Your Acne Worse

If you have acne-prone skin, you have might not be aware of how your daily routine can be contributing to your acne condition. Acne can be a cause for embarrassment, and some of the products people use to wash their faces actually make acne worse. If you want to get rid of your acne, you might find the following tips useful.

Avoid Plain Soap and Water

Washing with plain soap and water is probably the worst thing you can do if you have acne. As a child soap and water might have been good enough, but as a teen or adult with acne-prone skin, using plain soap and water can result in dry skin. Dry skin further increases acne because you can end up with clogged pores and more pimples due to the flaking of dead skin cells. Regular soaps can also leave a sticky film on your skin, which will further aggravate an acne condition.

Avoid Using Products on Your Face That Are Formulated for Your Body

Your facial skin is very different than the skin on your chest, arms, back, and legs. The pH level of some soaps can irritate your skin because many soaps are only intended for use on your body and not on your face. It might be tempting to simply use what is available, such as a body wash or exfoliating scrub, but you should avoid doing it at all costs.

Follow Your Own Regimen, Not Someone Else’s

There are always a few people with beautifully-clear skin who claim they use regular soap available at the nearest grocery store to wash their face. However, those people probably would never develop acne to begin with. If you have an acne condition, you can’t use their advice.

Read Labels

Scrutinize the labels of products you are considering using on your skin. If a cleanser isn’t specifically formulated for acne-prone facial areas, don’t buy it. Following this advice will help to ensure that you keep your breakouts to a minimum.

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