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Try this acne treatment and stop suffering from acne brea

Frustrated with acne treatments? If you are like many acne sufferers, you have tried many acne skin treatments that seem to have no effect on your complexion. There are many reasons for this, the first reason being that different people suffer from different types of acne. Often, it takes trial and error to find the treatment that works for you.

If you've tried the usual over-the-counter treatments and gone through the traditional antibiotic treatments prescribed by your dermatologist. Here is a treatment that you should discuss with your doctor to see if it is right for you.

Acne light and suction treatment

This method of acne treatment attacks your acne in two areas -- one is general through acne light treatment while suction performs acne spot treatment.

Acne light treatment is the use of laser and light therapies and is useful for patients whose acne has not responded to traditional treatments.

The light therapy kills the bacteria that causes acne. The suction treatment works hand-in-hand with the light treatment by using a suctioning device that cleans the pores and brings the oil glands closer to the surface. With the oil glands closer to the surface of the skin, the light treatment kills the bacteria more effectively.

Dermatologists from around the country differ in their opinions as to the effectiveness of these treatments. Some have had great success with one and not with the other. Munavalli, the medical director of dermatology in Charlotte, N.C. and clinical instructor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University, has used the combination of light and suction treatment in clinical trials and states that the treatment is effective with results showing after two to three treatments.

Results vary with these acne treatments as with any other treatments because everyone's skin and level of acne is different. If your acne has been resistant to traditional methods, talk to your dermatologist. Give light, and suction acne treatments a try.

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