Green Tea Should Be the Focus of Every Acne Diet

How Green Tea Can Help Eliminate Acne

If you are interested in modifying your diet to improve your acne, I would suggest that you include green tea to the list of things you consume on a regular basis. Green tea is a staple of Chinese medicine -- and with good reason. The numerous healing benefits of green tea are widely known, and the healing properties of green tea may just extend to acne.

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has many beneficial properties. It is believed to be filled with antioxidants which can help your body fight infection and keep your body healthy. Consuming green tea can reduce the inflammation associated with acne. If you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea warm, you should try your green tea iced. Add a little sweetener if you need to. In my acne diet green tea, white tea, and red tea are included. I admit, though, that I love tea. Both red and white tea also have beneficial antioxidant properties just like green tea, so you might want to consider them if you don’t prefer the taste of green tea.

For your acne diet, green tea can be consumed several times a day. You can drink a cup of green tea at breakfast and perhaps have a cup of iced green tea at lunch. In the afternoon, you can have another cup of warm green tea. If you drink green tea three times a day, you will definitely enjoy benefit from the acne-clearing benefits of it.

If you are so inclined, why not include in your acne diet green tea that is loose leaf? Loose leaf teas are a wonderful and tasty treat. They provide more antioxidant benefits because they are freshly prepared. It is relatively easy to prepare loose leaf tea too. Several retailers sell tea makers that allow you to put in your loose leaf tea and boiling water. After the tea has steeped, you simply place the unit on top of your tea mug, and the tea will drain out.

When you include green tea in your acne diet, you will be quite surprised with how convenient it it is and how well it works. Green tea only takes three to four minutes to steep! Simply double the steep time and quantity of loose leaf tea when you are making iced tea. Loose leaf green tea has one potential drawback; it is more expensive than tea bags. However, the cost is well worth the potential benefit-clear skin!

You can still use green tea bags when you are away from home because of their convenience. Start including in your acne diet green tea so that you can enjoy the health benefits of it including beautiful, clear skin.

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