Get Rid of Your Back Acne in Time for Swimsuit Season

Look better than ever in your swimsuit by clearing up your back acne.

Is your back acne the only thing from standing in the way of looking great in your swimsuit this summer? You exercised and dieted so you would look great. You 'shopped till you dropped' to find the perfect figure-flattering suit. Now if you can only clear up your back acne, you will look drop dead gorgeous. Don't worry. This can be done. Follow these tips to get rid of your acne in time for summer.

Back acne tips

Back acne is a little trickier to treat because of its location -- but it can be done with just a few simple changes.

Tip #1 -- Buy a back scrubber

You can find a back scrubber in your local drug store or discount store in the health and beauty aids department. Back scrubbers usually come in two styles -- a long-handled brush (like a back scratcher) or long-mesh netting with a loop on each end for handles.

Your back has the same oil glands that you have on your face. When these glands get clogged, they form pimples. It's harder to clean your back simply because you can't reach it. But with one of these back scrubbers, you can.

Be sure and wash your back with the back scrubber at least once per day. It would be better and your back acne would clear up faster if you washed it twice a day -- once in the morning before you dress and once at night before you go to bed. This way, you wash off the oil and dead skin that has accumulated overnight and during the day underneath your clothing.

Tip #2 -- Use acne medication

Most people use acne medication on their face but it doesn't occur to them to use it on their backs. If you have back acne, after you scrub your back daily or twice daily, have someone rub your medication on your back. If you live alone, you may have to rig up your back scrubber and use it to apply your medication. You can do this by pinning a clean wash cloth on your back scrubber and putting the medication on the cloth. Then use the scrubber to apply the medication.

It's very important that you clean and apply medication to your back every day. By doing these two simple things, you can clear up your back acne and knock em' dead in that new summer swim suit.

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