Get Results with this New Acne Treatment

Try this new acne treatment for relief of stubborn acne

Nothing is as discouraging as trying yet another acne treatment only to see no results. The truth is acne is different for different people. What works for one person may not work for you. If you have stubborn acne that doesn't respond to traditional treatments, try this new acne skin treatment.

Photopneumatic acne treatment

Unfortunately, there's no cure for acne. But before you become completely discouraged, let me tell you about a new treatment called photopneumatic acne skin treatment that many are having great success with.

What is it? Performed with a vacuum-like device that suctions the skin, the suctioning brings all the 'bad stuff' to the surface and zaps it with pulsed light. The two-pronged treatment works by stunning and deactivating hyperactive oil glands and the bacteria they nourish.

Taking about 20 minutes per treatment, pimples begin to dry out and gradually disappear. Improvements in skin condition are visible after two treatments and patients report 100% improvement after six treatments.

Treatments for acne are just that -- treatments. While this treatment isn't a cure, dermatologists are finding it very effective in the war against acne and recommend using it during the height of acne during the teen years. Patients report some short-lived redness and swelling but minimal pain. Patients with darker skin should proceed with caution. Using this treatment can cause pigmentation changes because of laser usage.

If you have acne that is stubborn and difficult to treat, talk to your doctor or check online to find a dermatologist who uses this technology. It may be the acne treatment that you're looking for.

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