Get Fast Relief from Acne Pain

Is your acne causing you pain? Try these tips for fast relief

If you suffer from acne pain, you know better than anyone that the pain isn't only emotional -- the embarrassment about your complexion and worrying about your appearance. Much of the pain is also physical. When you have a severe acne breakout, you skin swells and the blemishes are painful to touch.

Both emotional and physical pain from acne is bad. Here are some tips to help relieve the physical hurt.

Acne Pain Relief Tips

Tip #1 - Ice therapy

Ice therapy can often bring immediate relief for your physical acne pain and it's also simple to do.

All you need is a small plastic bag that you can seal and some ice. It's best if you can crush up the ice a little bit, but it isn't necessary. Put the ice in the bag and wrap it in a clean dishcloth or hand towel.

Lie down, relax, and place the ice-filled bag on your face and the ice will reduce the swelling and tightness and be soothing to your skin.

Tip #2 - Acne medication

If you have frequent or severe acne breakouts, you are probably already using various acne medications. But did you know that there are acne products on the market that have analgesics in them to relieve that pain your acne is causing?

One such medication is Derma Med PhytoCort Acne gel. This medication contains Aloe Vera and relieves the pain that you have with your breakouts due to swelling. You can buy this medication online or over the counter and it often offers immediate relief from your acne pain.

The next time you have pain from your break outs, try relieving your acne pain with ice therapy or over the counter acne medication that contains Aloe Vera or an analgesic for immediate relief.

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